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Our Promise, Our Beliefs

After more than 50 years in the travel retail industry, DFS is recognized as a leading luxury shopping destination for the world traveler. Throughout our history, we have nurtured the relationships built with our customers, our brand partners and our employees. As the luxury and travel retail industry has developed over time, so too has our ability as an organization to adapt – a phenomenon that can be traced to the inspiring people at DFS.

Our Promise is to be The World Traveler’s Preferred Destination for Luxurious Shopping.

Our Beliefs are the set of values which are embodied by those who inspire us most: our people. Our Beliefs define how we behave and are the backbone of our culture.

We are Curious +

We passionately seek knowledge to help us achieve a better understanding of our customers, inspire our innovation, and drive personal leadership for everyone at DFS Group.

We Embrace Change +

We see change as the commitment to make a difference, take risks, and grow as individuals and as a business.

We Value Each Other +

We believe that individuals make the difference.  We treat each other with respect, honoring and rewarding individual performances and contributions to the team. We embrace diversity and appreciate differences in people and cultures.

We Work Collaboratively +

We leverage our teams through an inclusive working style, inspiring all of us to achieve excellence.

We Demonstrate Humanity +

We make DFS Group a great place to work through our humanity, inspiring us to share our caring nature with each other and the world.

We Act with Integrity +

We are authentic in our integrity, creating, building and sustaining trusting relationships with our customers, our partners and our people.

DFS is built upon a strong and unique culture where the term “family” is often used to describe who we are. Our Beliefs, our passion and our dedication drive us to deliver Our Promise of being The World Traveler’s Preferred Destination for Luxurious Shopping.