Learning & Development


Growing at DFS

AT DFS we believe that our employees are our competitive advantage in this highly dynamic operating environment. Our vision is to create a collaborative learning culture that equips employees at DFS with the skills and capabilities to deliver the ultimate luxurious experience to the world traveler. The growth and development of each of our employees is essential to our success as an organization. Our employees, our talent, will ultimately determine how fast and how far we will go as an organization.

DFS UNIVERSITY, our corporate university, seeks to offer a portfolio of programs to build and support the growth of our people through an omni-channel learning platform. We focus on identifying the right partners in providing developmental programs for both functional and leadership skills. We encourage every employee to look at development as a life-long learning journey and to seek out new opportunities for on-going application of learning and personal growth. This is achieved through our Centers of Excellence.


THE CENTER FOR SERVICE DEVELOPMENT ensures that our staff can live up to the brand promise as the preferred destination for luxurious shopping. The core focus of this center is to offer our signature service culture program, Apprentice. As we continue to work with our employees to achieve mastery, we concentrate on building their personal effectiveness, developing their understanding of our business and customers and deepening their knowledge within the five pillars of our business: Fashion & Accessories, Beauty & Fragrances, Watches & Jewelry, Wines & Spirits and Food & Gifts. Through our portfolio of Service School programs, we provide the opportunity for our staff to achieve internationally-recognized certifications in their respective categories.


THE CENTER FOR LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT dedicates resources towards the development of our leadership and management skills for all levels of employees. Leadership effectiveness begins with each individual and is essential for delivering consistent growth and long term value. Our suite of program offering ranges from building personal effectiveness, to being able to lead teams and the organization. Other than classroom learning, mentoring and coaching are important elements of our developmental strategies to build skills. 


To take our people towards 21st century learning, DFS University is also embarking on an exciting journey in DIGITAL LEARNING. This includes crucial investments in best-in-class learning management systems and digital tools, continuous expansion of our eLearning portfolio, as well as vital partnerships and collaborations with leading eLearning institutions. Digital Learning at DFS aims to tap into the ever-evolving digital landscape to find novel ways to engage with our learners via microlearning, mobile learning and gamification.